Paintball at Camp Motorsport is a little different than paintball at other places....
Paintball at Camp Motorsport is play with a purpose!

Teambuilding-based, and conducted as a small group activity, paintball games and activities are specifically designed to get campers functioning as a cohesive team.Through playing together to achieve a goal as a team, campers learn teamwork, trust, and develop group unity.

In these fun and energizing activities, campers are challenged to think creatively, learn from other team members, solve problems, improve communication, cooperation, and trust, and utilize collaboration and healthy competition to create greater wins for everyone.
The object of a teambuilding paintball activity might be to rescue the downed pilot before the aliens land and take over the earth!...Or for one team to collect all of the nuclear killer monkey eggs and return them to the radiation containment unit before they hatch, while the monkey-keepers try to prevent the collection from occurring! 
In some games, players may be "frozen" in place, rather than "out" when hit, and team members can revive another player by tagging them back in. Or, the object of an activity may be for the team to compete together going through an obstacle course, shooting and hitting targets. In other games, teams must work together and develop strategies to guard their flag or, acquire objects from other teams, transport items....Regardless of the scenario, the key to success is cooperation and working together as a team.

Camper teams are challenged to solve complex problems together using only the physical and intellectual resources on hand. Challenges may include limited resources, time constraints, or where team members must act in a rapidly changing environment (and then sometimes things don't go according to plan….) Just as in the real world, teams must overcome their learning curve, challenge their thinking, and work together to find success.

Paintball play at camp is never a load-the-hopper-to-the-top with paint balls and go-all-out-shooting type of play…. Rather, the number of paint balls issued per game to each camper is based on the specific activity and objectives to be accomplished by the team. In this way, campers work together as a team to problem solve how to best use their resources to accomplish their mission.

Just as with all other activities at camp, paintball activities are conducted at the age-appropriate developmental and skill level of the campers participating, and in a manner which maintains an environment that supports the physical and emotional safety and well-being of each participant. Further, the option to opt out, or surrender, is always available. And, as Camp Motorsport is a non-competitive environment, we do not endorse a win-at-all-costs philosophy, and we do not pit kid-against-kid in a traditional competitive win-lose manner – including in paintball. Rather, teams cooperatively compete in reaching a group objective, working together to experience success!

Paintball activities are directly supervised by trained staff. Campers are expected to adhere to all rules on the paintball course and must wear appropriate safety gear at all times when participating. Campers who fail to adhere to safety rules and/or to use safety gear will be dismissed from participating. A camper who makes a choice not to comply with safety makes a choice not to participate.

Campers who do not wish to play paintball always the option to opt out, and are not required to participate.

Participants are required to wear helmet with face shield, vest, and neck guard, at all times when participating.Camp provides the safety gear.

Only paintball guns and paintballs provided by the camp may be utilized. Campers may not bring/use their own guns or supply their own paintballs. They may bring and use their own safety gear.